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​Canberra Trade Solutions is an industry-leading multi-trade construction contractor.


Canberra Trade Solutions is a progressive and dynamic multi-disciplinary construction contractor providing the highest level of service to clients across all sectors of construction.

Based in Canberra, we work hard with our clients to create a collaborative and creative approach from initial planning through to project delivery.

​Canberra Trade Solutions has developed into a company that is highly regarded as one of Canberra's leading construction contractors that strives to build a professional reputation for delivering quality work on complex projects.

Our aim is to provide prompt and professional service and to deliver quality projects safely, to specifications, on time and within budget.


Canberra Trade Solutions have set the standard & established a reputation as one of the leading contracting companies throughout the construction industry.

Servicing all residential, commercial, industrial, insurance and government clients on minor and major projects across the ACT & the east coast of Australia.


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​Canberra Trade Solutions
is an industry-leading multi-trade construction contractor.

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Canberra Trade Solutions, Quality is more than the delivery of a product which merely meets client expectations.

Our reputation for quality and dependability has been gained through hard work, honesty, ambition and the desire to be the best at what we do.  

We strive to commit ourselves to achieve customer satisfaction as our first and only priority.  

Quality is the high degree of excellence Canberra Trades Solution seeks from all employees and contractors no matter the area of business; no process is above this expectation. Every position within Canberra Trades Solution has an influence on the delivery of our promises to customers.

Canberra Trades Solution commits to comply with all statutory and legislative requirements, standards, codes of practice and compliance codes relevant to Quality Management.

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​Canberra Trade Solutions
is committed to providing a safe and healthy workplace for its employees, contractors, clients and the public.

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We are committed to health and safety awareness and improvement.
Our mission is to provide an injury-free workplace for our employees, builders and the community and take all necessary steps to eliminate hazards.

At CTS, we demand that our work practices meet or exceed industry and statutory requirements, always.

CTS manages all health and safety risks on the build sites by: 


Promote and insist on a safety culture that encourages any incidents or hazards are promptly reported, investigated where appropriate and control measures are put in place to eliminate or minimize the chance of a dangerous event;


Maintain and promote a safety culture that encourages workers to pro-actively manage health and safety risks through consultation, education, instruction, information, cooperation, coordination and supervision;


Ensuring that Work Health & Safety Management Systems would satisfy the strictest of standards;


Provide systems and work practices that meet or exceed relevant statutory legislation, industry guidelines, and applicable codes of practice;


 Keep up-to-date with relevant health and safety legislative obligations to achieve and maintain compliance;


Continuously improve our systems by setting measurable goals and constant monitoring to maintain the effectiveness of the management system.

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Respect and protection of our environment is integral to our business.

Green Buildings
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environment & sustainability

All employees and subcontractors must adhere to all environmental requirements.  
We have exceptionally high site standards. 

All team members are encouraged to report any breaches to management so that action can be taken.
We require our management, staff and sub-contractors to comply with environmental issues, and we provide adequate resources to implement, maintain, review and improve on a regular basis.

CTS evaluates & manages all Environmental risks on sites by: 


We recognise that our activities interact with the environment and we aim to minimise negative interactions by integrating environmental considerations across all aspects of our business.



Sustainable construction practice is an integral part of our business.


We manage our business so that all operational activities prevent any adverse effects on the local environment. 


Ensuring also to protect the health and safety of our employees, contractors, customers and the community in which we operate, and in compliance with all relevant legislation.